Angel Readings by Donna Allen


Quotes Loving, warm, compassionate and empathetic, Donna Allen is a gifted angel channel. I have worked with her personally, and she has channeled information for me that I know to be accurate. In our work together, she also provided very healing information to a death row inmate that helped him attain peace about his life. I recommend her highly. Quotes
Robert Schwartz
Author, Your Soul's Plan

Quotes I have had Donna Allen channel a letter from my angel (the name that came through her is Matthew) annually for four years. The messages are so loving and so affirming, yet give guidance to me personally and to me for our Reiki Rays of Hope for Caregivers organization. I consider the letters treasures and I often re-read them. Quotes
Judy McCracken
President & CEO of Reiki Rays of Hope for Caregivers,Inc.

Quotes My session was an amazing and very healing experience! From the moment I met Donna I felt compassion, kindness, and trust. Her wonderful, warm energy allowed me to be at complete ease. Donna channeled detailed messages and talked of people and things that she could not have possibly known prior to our session! She validated many of my intuitive feelings and strengthened my own connection with the world of spirit. I felt healed and such a sense of peace on a level that I have never felt before. I am forever grateful to her for sharing her many gifts and highly recommend her angelic abilities. Quotes
Paula Gardner
Yoga Instructor, Karuna Reiki Master

Quotes Our deceased loved ones are but a heartbeat away. Our angels stand in the wings ready to assist us as soon as we call upon them. Until the day dawns that we all know this, Donna continues to bring forth messages for us from the unseen realm. She offers messages that inspire us and bring comfort and support. Quotes
Mary Ellen Lucas
Reiki Master and Astrologer

Quotes My angel therapy session with Donna was amazing. The messages she received from spirit resonated within me so strongly that I felt I was receiving the messages simultaneously. You can feel the love and compassion radiating from Donna's persona and sense the presence of her angel guides. I left with an energy that has carried through for several days now. She has helped me find an extraordinary peace as I continue to work on healing my soul issues. Thank you, thank you, Donna. Quotes
Sue Blabolil
Boys' Soccer Coach, Reiki Master

Quotes No doubt about it, Donna has a strong connection with the angelic realm. I have benefitted from the perceptive messages she receives as well as the care and compassion with which she delivers these insights. Care to know your angels and learn of their loving guidance? Call Donna. Quotes
Kathleen Calby
Founder, Re-Sounding Joy and free-lance writer

Quotes Angel sessions with Donna Allen changed my life! I have never felt so loved and connected as I do now. Donna is a blessing in my life, so understanding and easy to work with. My hope is that everyone will at some point find the peace and knowing that I have. Quotes
Barbara Fatica
Owner, B. Fatica Jewelry; Karuna Reiki Master

Quotes Donna's Angel Letters, classes, and readings are inspirational to us all. Her work puts us truly in touch with a spiritual dimension available to everyone, yet often untapped. Quotes
Judith L. Mellor, B.S., M.T.
Wellness Coach