Angel Readings by Donna Allen

What to  Expect - An Intuitive/Angel Reading

Each angel reading begins with a prayer. Through prayer and intention we open the door to receiving messages of love, comfort, guidance and more from Mother-Father God/Creator/Source, our angels, guides, teachers, Higher Selves, and the Record Keepers. You can expect to experience some or all of the following - whatever is for your highest and best good during our time together.

~ ~ Learn your angel's name and essence, which closely correlates to your highest potential in this lifetime.

~ ~ Receive support, comfort, and spiritual counsel from your angels, guides, teachers and higher self who will speak to you in a collective voice.

~ ~ Healing - physical, emotional and/or spiritual - from the angelic realm if that is appropriate.

~ ~ The opportunity to ask questions and to receive Spirit's loving and helpful answers.

~ ~ Communication with deceased loved ones.

~ ~ Past-life information that may be helpful to understanding present-life challenges or patterns.

~ ~ Evidence that you are unconditionally loved and honored by the Spirit world and that they are ever present to be of assistance to you.


The angels are nondenominational beings and are not connected to any particular religion, although all major religions refer to and have stories of angels or angelic beings. You can talk to your angels anywhere and anytime and trust that you are always heard and never alone. I hope you will give yourself permission to experience the love and power of the angels in your life through an angel reading.


With much love to you and much gratitude to the angels who want so much to assist us in all ways possible,  ~ ~ Donna